There Is No Justice League

Session IV

The Atom and Steel waste no time drawing out the schematics for a submarine that can withstand the crushing pressure around the depths of Atlantis. Black Lightning takes a comm-link from Nightwing, promising that he will be in touch as soon as he checks on his children.

Oracle checks in, telling the League that she was recently visited by a T-Sphere, and that they should be expecting a visit as well. Nightwing relays that politicians, athletes and other influential world figures are being controlled as well. Oracle quickly leaks this information to the press via Lois Lane.

Mr terrificIt does not take long before a floating sphere marked with a red ‘T’ intercepts the PCs. The sphere runs a scanning beam across them and then slowly leads them to a safe house in the remote Midwest.

The sphere takes the PCs into a very old barn on a desolate farm. The concrete floor begins to lower as they step in, dropping down into a sub-level stocked with advanced technology and two bloody figures.

Mr. Terrific and Wildcat have both taken a serious beating very recently. Mr. Terrific tells the League that the rest of the Justice Society is under the influence of the device he calls, “the Lord Disc.” Only he and Wildcat escaped. He goes on to tell them that he has written an algorithm to detect the nanites that the disc uses to control its wearer. Mr. Terrific programs Booster’s suit to match the algorithm.

Ollie calls in, informing the League that Sinestro broke Polaris out of a meta-human holding facility. It didn’t seem to be the action of a friend, either. Sinestro wants to know why he has been dragged into this affair that Polaris is in on. He wants to know where Hal Jordan is. When Ollie hears about the location of Aquaman he mentions Queen Industrial has a warehouse near a marina.

Mr. Terrific tells the PCs he knows the locations of several more heroes under the influence of the Lord Disc, but none of the core JLA. Some didn’t respond the initial emergency call because they have been placed as decoys to lure others into a trap. He and Wildcat are going to liberate who they can while the main team makes its way to Atlantis to free Aquaman and get a lead to the others.

The League PCs depart to Ollie’s warehouse on the east coast. Atom and Steel quickly put the final touches on the design and begin construction. With the help of the Flash it does not take long.

297073 198162 chronosOpening the warehouse doors to drop the ship into the harbor, the team is greeted by Parasite and Captain Cold, more associates of Penguin and Dr. Polaris. Chronos and Blockbuster flank them. It is unclear whether they are mind controlled or simply want in on killing the Atom and Nightwing.

Parasite grabs onto Supergirl’s face, his life-sucking energy making Kara strain under the weight of the submarine she is carrying. Parasite’s fingers sizzle as heat vision burns through them, planting him firmly in the ground.

The Flash covers Blockbuster in duct tape. Before the brute can struggle free a volley of escrima sticks and a kick in the groin puts him down for good.

With Parasite down the others fall quickly. With no time to lose they relay the information of the battle to Oracle to share with whom they need. The D.E.O. shows up to take the fallen villains away as the ship heads toward Atlantis.



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