There Is No Justice League

Session IV

The Atom and Steel waste no time drawing out the schematics for a submarine that can withstand the crushing pressure around the depths of Atlantis. Black Lightning takes a comm-link from Nightwing, promising that he will be in touch as soon as he checks on his children.

Oracle checks in, telling the League that she was recently visited by a T-Sphere, and that they should be expecting a visit as well. Nightwing relays that politicians, athletes and other influential world figures are being controlled as well. Oracle quickly leaks this information to the press via Lois Lane.

Mr terrificIt does not take long before a floating sphere marked with a red ‘T’ intercepts the PCs. The sphere runs a scanning beam across them and then slowly leads them to a safe house in the remote Midwest.

The sphere takes the PCs into a very old barn on a desolate farm. The concrete floor begins to lower as they step in, dropping down into a sub-level stocked with advanced technology and two bloody figures.

Mr. Terrific and Wildcat have both taken a serious beating very recently. Mr. Terrific tells the League that the rest of the Justice Society is under the influence of the device he calls, “the Lord Disc.” Only he and Wildcat escaped. He goes on to tell them that he has written an algorithm to detect the nanites that the disc uses to control its wearer. Mr. Terrific programs Booster’s suit to match the algorithm.

Ollie calls in, informing the League that Sinestro broke Polaris out of a meta-human holding facility. It didn’t seem to be the action of a friend, either. Sinestro wants to know why he has been dragged into this affair that Polaris is in on. He wants to know where Hal Jordan is. When Ollie hears about the location of Aquaman he mentions Queen Industrial has a warehouse near a marina.

Mr. Terrific tells the PCs he knows the locations of several more heroes under the influence of the Lord Disc, but none of the core JLA. Some didn’t respond the initial emergency call because they have been placed as decoys to lure others into a trap. He and Wildcat are going to liberate who they can while the main team makes its way to Atlantis to free Aquaman and get a lead to the others.

The League PCs depart to Ollie’s warehouse on the east coast. Atom and Steel quickly put the final touches on the design and begin construction. With the help of the Flash it does not take long.

297073 198162 chronosOpening the warehouse doors to drop the ship into the harbor, the team is greeted by Parasite and Captain Cold, more associates of Penguin and Dr. Polaris. Chronos and Blockbuster flank them. It is unclear whether they are mind controlled or simply want in on killing the Atom and Nightwing.

Parasite grabs onto Supergirl’s face, his life-sucking energy making Kara strain under the weight of the submarine she is carrying. Parasite’s fingers sizzle as heat vision burns through them, planting him firmly in the ground.

The Flash covers Blockbuster in duct tape. Before the brute can struggle free a volley of escrima sticks and a kick in the groin puts him down for good.

With Parasite down the others fall quickly. With no time to lose they relay the information of the battle to Oracle to share with whom they need. The D.E.O. shows up to take the fallen villains away as the ship heads toward Atlantis.

Session III

The Penguin smiles an obnoxious grin through the pain of his leg as Nightwing berates him with questions. When Nightwing reveals that the heroes converged on Penguin because they found an Iceberg Lounge cocktail napkins on Dr. Polaris, Penguin scoffs.

Fool! What is that imbecile doing carrying a napkin around in that costume? …he was here several nights ago. He and the yellow lantern, Sinestro, met to discuss the final fate of Hal Jordan. I had nothing to do with the meeting, they only paid me a handsome sum to meet at my establishment. I do not know of the fate of the Justice League.

The team leaves shortly afterward, getting nothing else from Cobblepot. They deduce that Sinestro has a very specific energy signature, one that should be easy to track given the correct given the right equipment. The Atom makes a call to S.T.A.R. Labs in Fawcett City. Under the circumstances, they are glad to allow the JLA to use whatever technology is needed.

Sinestro bannerIt takes very little time for Dr. Palmer to find the yellow energy signature, three in fact. The radar reveals the readings to be in Coast City, hometown of Hal Jordan. Supergirl immediately flies to Coast City and calls S.T.A.R. Labs, enabling the Atom to shrink the team and travel via phone line to her location.

The team arrived in time to find Sinestro and two members of his Sinestro Corps destroying Coast City. Building crumble under the power of the yellow rings as Sinestro calls out through a massive energy-megaphone.

Jordan! Show yourself or I will raze your city to the ground! I am no fool. This disappearance of yours is a hoax! Fight me or watch these rats scurry in fear from their pathetic homes!

The interim JLA leap into action as Sinestro and the yellow lanterns terrorize Coast City. It is evident the team is overmatched until the Flash makes an impromptu arrival, downing one of the lanterns in a trail of lightning. A well-placed explosive batarang drops an already unstable building on Sinestro’s other ally, burying him under dozens of tons of steel and concrete. Sinestro himself drives Booster into the ground several times, ready to move in for the killing blow.

Where is Jordan, it is not often he sends his cronies to fight in his place?

When Booster reveals that the team tracked Sinestro here on a tip for the Pengiun he becomes irate. Sinestro tells the team that he did not meet Dr. Polaris and that he would never need that fool’s help, especially with an entire lantern corps behind him. Losing all interest in the fight, Sinestro flies off towards Gotham City to find out what the Penguin really knows.

Knowing Sinestro will likely kill Cobblepot once he finds out what he wants, the Flash contacts Ollie to ask about a place they can temporarily hide Penguin. Ollie tells them that his wounds sustained from Deadshot are healing, and that he owns a luxury boat at the Coast City docks. In an instant the Flash tears Cobblepot from his bubble bath in Gotham City and dumps him on in the cabin of Green Arrow’s boat. The rest of the team stare down Cobblepot as they tell him tat Sinestro is coming for him. Penguin is hesitant and seemingly won’t budge when Supergirl tells the rest of the team that Sinestro has returned.

A yellow energy crane tears the roof off the boat’s cabin and tosses it into the ocean. Sinestro descends into the cabin and encases the Penguin in a spiked iron maiden. It begins to close on Cobblepot as Sinestro asks only one question.

Where. Is. Jordan?

The nude Cobblepot quickly comes clean, telling them all that he send the remaining JLA on a wild goose chase to confront Sinestro, hoping that he would kill them. He goes on to say that there was no meeting between Sinestro and Polaris, but rather there was a meeting of seven villains, including himself and Dr. Polaris. The meeting was organized at the Iceberg Lounge by a new figure that refers to himself only as, “Player.” This “Player,” invited several second tier villains.

The guest list included:
The Penguin
Dr. Polaris
Ocean Master
Captain Cold
Doctor Psycho

The Player promised the villains that not only would he help them defeat the Justice League, but that he would provide them with a means to enslave them to provide the villains with a lifetime of service. There was also appeal in the fact that this group could do it themselves without having to deal with the pompous, arrogant masterminds they normally had to follow. There would be no Luthor or Grodd to tell them what to do and no Sinestro or Ares to play second fiddle to concerning power.

In fact, Player promised that some of the villains they had lived in the shadow of for so long would become their servants. Not only that, but after the JLA was defeated each of their villainous counterparts could take their humiliated foe as either a slave or a trophy. The exception was Superman, whom Player would take for his own.

Penguin tells them that although Batman was his to take by the terms of the agreement, Player bought him off to bid out to other buyers. Penguin tells Sinestro in desperation that he does not know what happened to Jordan, only that Polaris had rights to him per their agreement. He goes on to tell the heroes and Sinestro that their is a processing facility under the Great Salt Lake for both heroes and villains outside of Player’s plans.

As Penguin’s testimony begins to wind down Booster Gold decides to sucker punch Sinestro for the thrashing he took earlier. The solid blow sends Sinestro hurtling into the ocean to the surprise of the rest of the heroes. An instant later a giant arm of yellow energy hurls the boat toward orbit as the team leaps into the safety of the water…only Nightwing and Penguin still aboard.

Supergirl 300x168Dick can barely process what is happening before the boat is thousands of feet in the air and ascending. Nightwing grabs Cobblepot and jumps from the boat into a free-fall. Seconds later Supergirl snatches the pair from the air safely. They watch Sinestro fly off, somehow satisfied with what he has learned.

Nightwing tells the team to forget about Sinestro now that they have a lead on the processing facility. Supergirl flies to Utah for a quick recon, returning to tell her team that the only entrance is a buoy floating on the water that projects a tunnel down to the bottom of the lake. Underneath the surface her X-ray vision revealed chambers holding dozens of people, many of which were political importance including Mayor Fleming of Metropolis. There is one room lined in lead, preventing her from seeing inside.

Flash arrives first, vibrating to the point of intangibility and surveying the compound in an instant. The Atom sneaks into the control room and enters the mainframe, deactivating the electronic locks on the buoy and signalling the rest of the team to enter.

The team finds several tanks of the blood used in the mind control discs along with a processing line. It appears that there is an injection system as well, forcing the victim into a more short-term controlled state. Flash vibrates into the lead-lined room to find his former teammates, Steel and Black Lightning, both fitted with a control disc.

AtomThe Flash tears the disc from Black Lightning and suffers serious electric feedback from the device. Jeff stands and continues his aggression, indicating that the blood that has channeled from the disc into his body is producing a residual mind control effect. The rest of the team arrives and makes short work of Steel as they restrain Black Lightning. The effects of the discs wear off shortly after removal from the host.

Meanwhile, the Atom plays back a recorded message left at the facility. It was left by Ocean Master not long before their arrival.

I was promised several members of the Justice League under my control! I have only two! And I sacrificed Black Manta during that botched operation to kill the remaining members of the League! I love having my fool brother as a trophy here, but the terms of our agreement have not been met on your end, Player! I demand more slaves to protect my new throne!

As the recording ends Atom knows the connotation of Ocean Master’s words. The team now knows the location of the first of the missing core League members. Ocean Master has usurped the throne of Atlantis and holds Aquaman prisoner.

Session II

Concluding that Luthor had nothing to with the disappearance of the JLA from his personal files, the Atom hacks into the surveillance system monitoring LexCorp. He deactivates the recording measures as he watches Nightwing exit the elevator into the sub-basement. Dressed as Batman, Nightwing makes short work of the mercenaries guarding Luthor’s mainframe. Dick taps into the computer with ease. Luthor himself has found and studied the mind-control disc they had found on Black Manta and Cheetah. Luthor’s information indicates that the blood powering the disc belongs to Maxwell Lord. Luthor has been looking for Superman as well, trying to find out himself who is behind the disappearance of the Justice League. As Nightwing finishes cycling through Luthor’s information, a message comes up on screen.


Uneasy, Nightwing makes his way back to the ground level.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow tells Supergirl to take Arsenal and stop Dr. Polaris. Ollie is going to wait and keep and eye out until Atom and Nightwing get out of the building. Supergirl picks up Roy and flies off in the direction of the bank. Seconds after Ollie hears the sound of helicopter blades cutting through the air. The chopper clears the roof of LexCorp, a familiar face hanging out the side, guns pointed at Ollie.


Ollie is quick enough to get an arrow off as Deadshot’s automatic wrist-mounted guns cut him down. Ollie bleeds out but watches with a grin as Deadshot plummets out of the helicopter and hits the roof of LexCorp with a satisfying ‘thud.’ All goes black.

Booster Gold had been alerted by the Flash that Nightwing had organized a contingent of reserve League members. Flying through Metropolis looking for the what remained of the JLA, Booster watches as Deadshot and Green Arrow exchange shots. Booster quickly flies Ollie to the hospital and returns just in time to see Supergirl get buried beneath the bank vault door on the street. The Atom, Booster and Nightwing join the fight as Dr. Polaris emerges from the bank.

Polaris’s potent force field keeps most of the heroes’ attacks at bay, returning fire with his magnetic beams. Supergirl finally lifts the vault door off of her and joins the fray, laying Polaris low with a hammer blow from above.

IcebergGoing over Dr. Polaris’ prone form the heroes find a single cocktail napkin bearing the logo of the Iceberg Lounge. Nightwing conveys that the lounge is a high-society club often used as a front for criminal activity. It is owned by Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, known popularly in metahuman circles as, ‘the Penguin.’

The authorities arrive with special restraints to contain Polaris. With them is the press, snapping pictures and firing off questions as Nightwing, who is dressed as Batman.

“Where is the rest of the Justice League? Have they truly disbanded? Are you endorsing these heroes as the new Justice League?”

Overwhelmed by the questioning Nightwing summons the Batwing and takes off. He abandons the cowl, thinking it best to table the Batman persona in an effort to attract less attention.

After briefly reconvening the new interim JLA decides to pay a visit to the Iceberg Lounge. The heroes gather some fine clothing from Bruce Wayne’s personal collection and make their way to the club. The Atom is the exception, using stealth to make his way to the Penguin’s skybox overlooking the club. Atom sabotages Penguin’s weaponized umbrella and waits for his team to converge. It does not take long for Nightwing to make his way to the skybox. He is spotted by Cobblepot, who demands to know his business. Dick quickly dons his rebreather and smashes a tear gas pellet, knocking the Penguin’s henchmen out cold. Cobblepot pulls a lever next to his seat and vanishes, plummeting down a massive waterslide underneath his chair. No other options before them, the heroes dive in after him.

CrocThe waterslide dumps the heroes into the sewer beneath the city. It is easy to hear Penguin’s plump body moving frantically through the filthy water. The quickly converge on him is a closed room, the sewage almost shoulder high. A huge slash erupts in the center off the filth, Killer Croc shooting out of the water and licking his chops at the sight of his newest meal.

The heroes unleash a volley of attacks at Croc while Nightwing makes his way across the room to Penguin. Cobblepot tries to evade his more agile opponent but is rewarding with a pair of broken legs. Killer Croc buries his claws in Supergirl’s face, headbutting her hard and driving her face down into the sewer floor. The rest of her team pours it on the mutant lizard, forcing him to retreat deep into the sewers and leaving the Penguin at the mercy of a very angry group of heroes. Nightwing puts his escrima sticks to Cobblepot’s throat, who is already grimacing in pain.

“We found the lounge’s napkin on Polaris, Cobblepot. What do you know? Tell me before we start snapping the rest of your extremities.”

Session I

The President of the United States calls an emergency press conference on behalf of the Justice League of America. Justice League founders Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman step on to the podium and announce the official dissolving of the League, including reservists and honorary members. Those seeking to practice costumes heroism are to do so under another name…as the Justice League is no more.

Superman says only that the founding members of the League have pressing matters to attend to and that the founders cannot trust the League’s name in the hands of those that may wish to take over.

The PCs are as shocked as the rest of the world by Superman’s words. They were given no notice and have not even heard the notion of dissolving the JLA mentioned. Nightwing responds initially my contacting Wayne Manor. Alfred tells him that Bruce Wayne has been missing for several days and fears something foul is afoot. Nightwing sets off for Wayne Manor immediately.

Professor Palmer is in his lab at Ivy University when he oversees Superman’s announcement on the television. A moment later he smells a gas leaking into the lab through the ventilation system. Calling his home, Ray shrinks to atomic size and travels the phone line to instant safety.

At home at his luxurious home in Star City, Green Arrow sits poolside with Champaign and a smile. He spits the expensive alcohol all over himself as he watches the press conference on his television. They dissolved the JLA without consulting him?! Ollie promptly calls his old sidekick and friend Roy, who is just as shocked. Something was seriously wrong.

Supergirl almost falls from the sky above Metropolis when she uses her enhanced vision to view to press conference. It is very unlike Superman to not speak to her about a matter as serious as dissolving the Justice League. It is even more unlike him to say that other JLA members “cannot be trusted to run the League without the founders.” It has been done so before with great success.

In route to Gotham City from Bludhaven, Nightwing is contacted by longtime friend Oracle. Oracle insists that she knew nothing about the dissolving of the League and is unsurprised when Dick concurs. The two decide quickly that JLA reservists need to meet at Wayne Manor to discuss what just happened. Oracle contacts the other PCs, all of whom quickly agree to meet at the Wayne family home.

BatcaveAs they suit up and get moving there is an emergency alert on their JLA communicators. It is cut short by an explosion in the atmosphere. They all assume the worst but only Supergirl’s vision can confirm it: The Watchtower has exploded in orbit.
The Atom is the first to arrive at Wayne Manor via the phone line. Shortly after the rest of the PCs arrive. Alfred offers them all quick refreshments and opens the secret entrance to the Batcave for the PCs to get to work.

Ollie and Roy speculate what could be happening as Nightwing and the others begin searching the Bat-Computer for Batman’s recent work. They find that Batman had come across a biologically powered mind control device… A moment later Cheetah ambushes the PCs from the darkness of the ceiling as Black Manta and his men scale the rock of the Batcave and begin firing their harpoon guns at the PCs.

MantaArsenal and Atom both take wounds from Cheetah before Supergirl is able to land a solid hit on the feline villain, planting her into the cave wall. A distraction by Nightwing on Manta allows a clean shot, enabling Green Arrow to drop the aquatic villain and end the fight. While restraining them the PCs find discs identical to the one in the Bat-Computer on both Black Manta and Cheetah. Interrogation reveals that the villains were both in their home environments when they blacked out.

A moment later the PCs are joined in the Batcave by Wally West, the Flash. He apologizes for not joining them sooner, but he has been searching the globe for the founding members of the Justice League for an explanation. He cannot find any. He wishes them luck and says he is going to continue his search until he turns up something. They can contact his at anytime if they need him.

Putting their heads together the PCs put together a common theme: Cats and water do not mix; these two never work together. Only about half a dozen scientists in the world are capable of inventing a mind control device of this complexity. The few times Cheetah and Manta have worked together it has been under one person…a person that happens to be one of the few brilliant enough to invent a device like the discs:

Lex Luthor

Nightwing makes a call to Oracle, who tells him that she has a contact that has the security codes to get into Luthor’s main office at LexCorp. Nightwing quickly tells Alfred that whoever they are up against obviously knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and that the manor is not safe. Dick goes on to say that while Bruce and the others remain missing he will be assuming the role of Batman. Waiting for nightfall, the new incarnation of the JLA take the Batwing to the skies above Lexcorp, repelling onto the roof.

Supergirl uses her X-ray vision on the building, relaying that Luthor’s office in the top floor houses his computer, and that the basement levels are lined in lead, obviously to prevent Superman from seeing through it.

Arsenal and Green Arrow monitor the roof and surrounding area as Nightwing and the Atom enter the building. Atom makes his way to Luthor’s office without incident, cracking the inscription on the computer and finding troubling news. Luthor has been looking for the Man of Steel, as well as the rest of the JLA, since the press conference. He has not found them. As Nightwing begins to enter the basement level Supergirl alerts them to a vault door being torn off several blocks away by Dr. Polaris. Is it a set up?


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