Ocean Master



Ocean Master is a master of magical manipulation and can utilise it for many effects including magical bolts and telepathy.

After making a deal with the demon Neron, Ocean Master can now manipulate even larger amounts of magical energy. The price of this however is a horribly scarred face and he was given a trident as a focus for his power. If Ocean Master is separated from the trident, he suffers excruciating pain. He also wears a helmet that lets him breathe underwater and special body armor that lets him withstand the pressures of deep water and offers some resistance to physical attacks.


Orm is Aquaman’s half-brother, the son of Atlan the wizard (Aquaman’s true father) and an Inupiat woman.

In one of Aquaman’s early encounters with humans he rescued a girl named Kako from a polar bear. Her family were all traditionalists, except her cousin Orm, who had no time for the old ways. When Kako and Arthur began a sexual relationship Orm attacked her in a jealous rage. Although she survived, she did not recall what had happened to her.

Orm appeared in his Ocean Master costume after, which is set early in Orin’s career as Aquaman and his rule of Atlantis. Ocean Master desires the throne of Atlantis, having learnt his father was an Atlantean wizard. At this time neither he nor Aquaman knew of their relationship, although Aquaman would make the connection while recording the events.

Ocean Master later started using mystical powers when sold his soul to Neron for a powerful trident which gave him great power, but caused agony if released. With this, he conquered the Dreaming City, a nation of Atlantean offshoots. He has been found by Aquaman, who was seeking to unite all the tribes of Atlantis. Aquaman convinced Ocean Master that they were half-brothers, however the pressure of this caused Orm’s mind to snap.

Ocean Master clashed with the JLA again when he attempted to claim the remains of Atlantis following Aquaman’s apparent death.

Orm was last seen having used his mystical talents to alter reality so that he was Aquaman and Orin was Ocean Master. As Aquaman, Orm held Sub Diego under his evil rule. However the heroic Ocean Master was able to defeat him.

The Atlantis Chronicles suggests that brothers battling for rulership is a recurring theme in Atlantean history.

Ocean Master

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