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Maxwell Lord later in life was confirmed as a metahuman with the ability to telepathically influence peoples’ minds. The extent of his abilities range from simple suggestion to outright commandeering of another’s mind as seen with his complete possession of Superman where he was able to make the Man of Steel perform acts far outside of the range of his normal sensibilities. Lord’s power is not of the “zombie” mind control variety, but rather the kind where the people affected go about their daily lives and are unaware of his influence. He also has the ability to influence more than one mind at a time and, at one point, had many people under his control. While the subject’s will does factor in on how difficult it is to initially possess and maintain his control, so far no one has been able to avoid his influence for long. Lord’s power not only affects the actions and predispositions of the victim, but also their perceptions of the world around them, such as in “Generation Lost” where even though Lord’s rap sheet is displayed in front of someone, they would see something else, like a list of random people named Maxwell Lord in the world. It is not at this time known how his power works after the fact, such as whether it works like a post-hypnotic suggestion or if he maintains some continuous, secondary hold on all his “possessions.”

The main drawback to using his power is that the bigger the “push”, as he calls his possessions, the more strain and toll it takes on his body. The most common reaction to a big “push” is a nosebleed with other secondary effects including a rapid elevation of body temperature, weakness and possible unconsciousness (apparently, once the “push” has taken hold, he still holds possession even while unconscious). Also, with a big enough “push”, there is the possibility of a fatal hemorrhage.


As a youngster, Maxwell Lord had a fairly sheltered life. His father, Albert Lord, used to be a successful business man, head of the Chimtech consortium until he discovered that poor research led his company to mass produce a highly carcinogenic product. So, when Maxwell was only sixteen, his father committed suicide out of shame and guilt.

Maxwell Lord’s mother however was never truly convinced of this turn of events, instilling into her son the hatred against every figure of higher authority that eventually led him to his fall from grace, convinced that even Albert’s suicide was a conspiracy from the higher ups in his company and unwilling to let his regrets tamper with their power.

Maxwell Lord spent the next years training to be more ruthless and powerful than his father was, methodically enacting his revenge against the Chimtech administration board members, but was unable to prevent Lex Luthor from acquiring his former property and adding it to the already immense LexCorp. By observing how Lex made profit by arming and employing hostile metahumans, Maxwell and his mother decided to bend the rules for themselves, cajoling instead heroic metahumans to give Maxwell Lord a better edge. Thus, he sparked the plans to bring the Justice League, leaderless and broken after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, under his exclusive control.

Maxwell Lord

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