There Is No Justice League

Session II


Concluding that Luthor had nothing to with the disappearance of the JLA from his personal files, the Atom hacks into the surveillance system monitoring LexCorp. He deactivates the recording measures as he watches Nightwing exit the elevator into the sub-basement. Dressed as Batman, Nightwing makes short work of the mercenaries guarding Luthor’s mainframe. Dick taps into the computer with ease. Luthor himself has found and studied the mind-control disc they had found on Black Manta and Cheetah. Luthor’s information indicates that the blood powering the disc belongs to Maxwell Lord. Luthor has been looking for Superman as well, trying to find out himself who is behind the disappearance of the Justice League. As Nightwing finishes cycling through Luthor’s information, a message comes up on screen.


Uneasy, Nightwing makes his way back to the ground level.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow tells Supergirl to take Arsenal and stop Dr. Polaris. Ollie is going to wait and keep and eye out until Atom and Nightwing get out of the building. Supergirl picks up Roy and flies off in the direction of the bank. Seconds after Ollie hears the sound of helicopter blades cutting through the air. The chopper clears the roof of LexCorp, a familiar face hanging out the side, guns pointed at Ollie.


Ollie is quick enough to get an arrow off as Deadshot’s automatic wrist-mounted guns cut him down. Ollie bleeds out but watches with a grin as Deadshot plummets out of the helicopter and hits the roof of LexCorp with a satisfying ‘thud.’ All goes black.

Booster Gold had been alerted by the Flash that Nightwing had organized a contingent of reserve League members. Flying through Metropolis looking for the what remained of the JLA, Booster watches as Deadshot and Green Arrow exchange shots. Booster quickly flies Ollie to the hospital and returns just in time to see Supergirl get buried beneath the bank vault door on the street. The Atom, Booster and Nightwing join the fight as Dr. Polaris emerges from the bank.

Polaris’s potent force field keeps most of the heroes’ attacks at bay, returning fire with his magnetic beams. Supergirl finally lifts the vault door off of her and joins the fray, laying Polaris low with a hammer blow from above.

IcebergGoing over Dr. Polaris’ prone form the heroes find a single cocktail napkin bearing the logo of the Iceberg Lounge. Nightwing conveys that the lounge is a high-society club often used as a front for criminal activity. It is owned by Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, known popularly in metahuman circles as, ‘the Penguin.’

The authorities arrive with special restraints to contain Polaris. With them is the press, snapping pictures and firing off questions as Nightwing, who is dressed as Batman.

“Where is the rest of the Justice League? Have they truly disbanded? Are you endorsing these heroes as the new Justice League?”

Overwhelmed by the questioning Nightwing summons the Batwing and takes off. He abandons the cowl, thinking it best to table the Batman persona in an effort to attract less attention.

After briefly reconvening the new interim JLA decides to pay a visit to the Iceberg Lounge. The heroes gather some fine clothing from Bruce Wayne’s personal collection and make their way to the club. The Atom is the exception, using stealth to make his way to the Penguin’s skybox overlooking the club. Atom sabotages Penguin’s weaponized umbrella and waits for his team to converge. It does not take long for Nightwing to make his way to the skybox. He is spotted by Cobblepot, who demands to know his business. Dick quickly dons his rebreather and smashes a tear gas pellet, knocking the Penguin’s henchmen out cold. Cobblepot pulls a lever next to his seat and vanishes, plummeting down a massive waterslide underneath his chair. No other options before them, the heroes dive in after him.

CrocThe waterslide dumps the heroes into the sewer beneath the city. It is easy to hear Penguin’s plump body moving frantically through the filthy water. The quickly converge on him is a closed room, the sewage almost shoulder high. A huge slash erupts in the center off the filth, Killer Croc shooting out of the water and licking his chops at the sight of his newest meal.

The heroes unleash a volley of attacks at Croc while Nightwing makes his way across the room to Penguin. Cobblepot tries to evade his more agile opponent but is rewarding with a pair of broken legs. Killer Croc buries his claws in Supergirl’s face, headbutting her hard and driving her face down into the sewer floor. The rest of her team pours it on the mutant lizard, forcing him to retreat deep into the sewers and leaving the Penguin at the mercy of a very angry group of heroes. Nightwing puts his escrima sticks to Cobblepot’s throat, who is already grimacing in pain.

“We found the lounge’s napkin on Polaris, Cobblepot. What do you know? Tell me before we start snapping the rest of your extremities.”



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