There Is No Justice League

Session I


The President of the United States calls an emergency press conference on behalf of the Justice League of America. Justice League founders Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman step on to the podium and announce the official dissolving of the League, including reservists and honorary members. Those seeking to practice costumes heroism are to do so under another name…as the Justice League is no more.

Superman says only that the founding members of the League have pressing matters to attend to and that the founders cannot trust the League’s name in the hands of those that may wish to take over.

The PCs are as shocked as the rest of the world by Superman’s words. They were given no notice and have not even heard the notion of dissolving the JLA mentioned. Nightwing responds initially my contacting Wayne Manor. Alfred tells him that Bruce Wayne has been missing for several days and fears something foul is afoot. Nightwing sets off for Wayne Manor immediately.

Professor Palmer is in his lab at Ivy University when he oversees Superman’s announcement on the television. A moment later he smells a gas leaking into the lab through the ventilation system. Calling his home, Ray shrinks to atomic size and travels the phone line to instant safety.

At home at his luxurious home in Star City, Green Arrow sits poolside with Champaign and a smile. He spits the expensive alcohol all over himself as he watches the press conference on his television. They dissolved the JLA without consulting him?! Ollie promptly calls his old sidekick and friend Roy, who is just as shocked. Something was seriously wrong.

Supergirl almost falls from the sky above Metropolis when she uses her enhanced vision to view to press conference. It is very unlike Superman to not speak to her about a matter as serious as dissolving the Justice League. It is even more unlike him to say that other JLA members “cannot be trusted to run the League without the founders.” It has been done so before with great success.

In route to Gotham City from Bludhaven, Nightwing is contacted by longtime friend Oracle. Oracle insists that she knew nothing about the dissolving of the League and is unsurprised when Dick concurs. The two decide quickly that JLA reservists need to meet at Wayne Manor to discuss what just happened. Oracle contacts the other PCs, all of whom quickly agree to meet at the Wayne family home.

BatcaveAs they suit up and get moving there is an emergency alert on their JLA communicators. It is cut short by an explosion in the atmosphere. They all assume the worst but only Supergirl’s vision can confirm it: The Watchtower has exploded in orbit.
The Atom is the first to arrive at Wayne Manor via the phone line. Shortly after the rest of the PCs arrive. Alfred offers them all quick refreshments and opens the secret entrance to the Batcave for the PCs to get to work.

Ollie and Roy speculate what could be happening as Nightwing and the others begin searching the Bat-Computer for Batman’s recent work. They find that Batman had come across a biologically powered mind control device… A moment later Cheetah ambushes the PCs from the darkness of the ceiling as Black Manta and his men scale the rock of the Batcave and begin firing their harpoon guns at the PCs.

MantaArsenal and Atom both take wounds from Cheetah before Supergirl is able to land a solid hit on the feline villain, planting her into the cave wall. A distraction by Nightwing on Manta allows a clean shot, enabling Green Arrow to drop the aquatic villain and end the fight. While restraining them the PCs find discs identical to the one in the Bat-Computer on both Black Manta and Cheetah. Interrogation reveals that the villains were both in their home environments when they blacked out.

A moment later the PCs are joined in the Batcave by Wally West, the Flash. He apologizes for not joining them sooner, but he has been searching the globe for the founding members of the Justice League for an explanation. He cannot find any. He wishes them luck and says he is going to continue his search until he turns up something. They can contact his at anytime if they need him.

Putting their heads together the PCs put together a common theme: Cats and water do not mix; these two never work together. Only about half a dozen scientists in the world are capable of inventing a mind control device of this complexity. The few times Cheetah and Manta have worked together it has been under one person…a person that happens to be one of the few brilliant enough to invent a device like the discs:

Lex Luthor

Nightwing makes a call to Oracle, who tells him that she has a contact that has the security codes to get into Luthor’s main office at LexCorp. Nightwing quickly tells Alfred that whoever they are up against obviously knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and that the manor is not safe. Dick goes on to say that while Bruce and the others remain missing he will be assuming the role of Batman. Waiting for nightfall, the new incarnation of the JLA take the Batwing to the skies above Lexcorp, repelling onto the roof.

Supergirl uses her X-ray vision on the building, relaying that Luthor’s office in the top floor houses his computer, and that the basement levels are lined in lead, obviously to prevent Superman from seeing through it.

Arsenal and Green Arrow monitor the roof and surrounding area as Nightwing and the Atom enter the building. Atom makes his way to Luthor’s office without incident, cracking the inscription on the computer and finding troubling news. Luthor has been looking for the Man of Steel, as well as the rest of the JLA, since the press conference. He has not found them. As Nightwing begins to enter the basement level Supergirl alerts them to a vault door being torn off several blocks away by Dr. Polaris. Is it a set up?



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